VirtualLight #6 FAMILY Beacons of Light – June 2009

From Steve:

One point I have noticed is that people have many different reactions to the word family.

I was blessed to have an incredible supportive biological family but many have quite a different history. In this channel the group takes a look at family and what they say is ahead as we humans evolve. They said we will form Families of Light. They also said this may be one areas experiencing stretches during this time. Family issues may come up. I can hear you holding your breath. . . Relax, this too shall pass.

To keep it all in perspective they said that family was a contract with a group of souls to lock yourselves in a room until you grew up and that they had a tendency to see who you had been instead of who you care becoming.

For some time now the group has been speaking of the potential of what they described as a mini ice age. A general cooling of the planet is ahead to some degree but they always said we had control of these events and more. For the first time in this channel they said that there is now evidence that may signal this is shifting. This particular issue will have to do with what happens during coming Solar Maximus (solar flare cycle) that hopefully will begin soon.

Big hugs


Steve Rother

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home

June 2009


New Families of Light