VirtualLight #6 ~ Live Channel Beacons of Light ~ Feb 26, 2011

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home

Monthly messages from the group through Steve Rother

March 2011 ~ Empowerment ~ Our Next Reality

From Steve

The group gave me no warning about what was coming in this message. The topic was clear from the beginning, but as they got into it, they made several points clear about what real empowerment looks like. There were times in this message that the group asked each one of us some very direct questions about our views of empowerment. What it looks like in actual practice and what we humans are envisioning may be different. They are preparing us for that step. In this message full of love and hope the group asks each of us to consider our own thoughts and personal dedication to stepping into empowerment. They said we are stepping into the Age of E.

I will tell you this that may be interesting to some of you. You may sense it as you watch this. We finished the message early but they would not let me end until they were done empowering you. I had wrapped everything up for us to end but they would not leave yet. There was a specific energy level that they insisted that we reach before ending and even though the energy in the room was really high, they wanted to make sure each of you felt empowered before I could end the channel. When this first happened my thoughts were on what the audience must be thinking but then I realized that I was in front of a room full of psychics and let go.

I have an unusual seat for the ride as because of that I watch how they work with you through me. They want us to see how they are empowering us so that we can learn how to empower other. They consider us to be Human Angels in training.

This message was from the very heart of the group and as the translator of this message I hope you can feel even a small amount of the love that I felt when bringing it in.

Have a great month and remember only 1 a day!

Big hugs