VirtualLight #6 ~ Mirror Mirror Reflections of God ~ Live Channel ~ May 28, 2011

From Steve:

At one point in our lives each of us has to stop and ask some basic questions. When I was growing up many of my friends were another religion and that naturally brings up the question “Which one is the right one?” I studies several religions and found a sense of tolerance of other religions built into most. After collecting a few of these ‘questions’ in my mind I understood that they were all stories told from different tribes passed down from generation to generation from different parts of the world. So that leads to the larger question: What are the common points of all religions? What are they all saying and how do they get that message across? II find it interesting that a supreme being with similar attributes was found throughout. In fact I find it interesting that god in some form managed to surface in our reality no matter where we found ourselves on living on Earth.

I will also point out here that there is a real need being fulfilled here and don’t let the use of the word stories make them any less powerful. People in all walks of life need to see their own reflection regularly and religion has been one of many ways that this has been fulfilled on Earth. In this beautiful message the group led us on a journey to see how we find and use these mirrors in our lives everyday. The funny part is that rarely do we see that it is our own reflection in the mirror.
Have a great month and be present.
Big hugs and gentle nudges
The Beacons of Light — Re-minders from Home June 2011
~ Mirror Mirror ~
Reflections of God