VirtualLight #6 New Human Templates June 2010

From Steve

This month the group changed their direction to focus on the human body and
the changes that lie ahead for all of us humans. They made mention of the

sexual energy infusion that is in full swing on this planet at the moment. You can

see evidence of it in people lives everyday now. Much of what was firm ground

is starting to move in more ways than one.

One of the big points they made during this message was about the physical

body. With the physical Re-wire of humanity well underway the next stage is

releasing the old human templates that hold us. As these templates first release

there can be an energetic vulnerability to the physical body. In fact the group

said during these times humans are much closer to home and it is an easy step

to cross the line of life and death. They said that during this period on Earth

many will be leaving to take a new position and that all humans were closer to

death than we imagined. I don’t remember their exact words but at one point in

the channel I knew they were talking about Brittany Murphy and her spouse who

both recently died with very little warning. The line between life and death is now

closer to us than we imagined. Now we have a choice: Do we go into fear over

that or do we live every day as if its our last? Another reason for us to be on


Have a great month and spread lots of Light!

Steve Rother

The Beacons of Light for June 2010 is:

New Human Templates

Life and Death get Closer.