VirtualLight #6 Shining Your Light ~ Candle from the Fire of God. Beacons of Light – August 2009

From Steve:

The group began by honoring us as they usually do but this time it was a bit different. They were honoring our travels throughout the Universe as universal beings of light. This message began by telling us what it was like to be an empowered person in an empowered society. They made an analogy to living an empowered lifestyle, to being a boat on the water. You were not limited and could do anything at any time. But since responsibility is the balance to power, you automatically took responsibility for the wake the boat leaves behind. Life is a balance. Here they are saying it is a balance between knowing and using your own power while learning to live in harmony with the other boats on the water. We are all becoming more empowered everyday. As we get used to our new found power we will only be able to use it effectively if we are aware of how it fits into the world around us. This is what they mean when they suggest that we make space for the other gods in our lives. Not only to make space, but to help them see their own powers.

They also went on to say that after we get used to how it works we will learn to use this same wake in a positive way, empowering others around you to create your path of least resistance. They said very clearly that It is more possible now to lead fully empowered lives than ever before on Earth.

Having said that, they went on to let us know that this is happening today and that our lights area already getting brighter. They said we dared to walk up and light our candle from the fire of god to bring it to Earth. For eons of time we hid that light or only let it out in certain areas but now it is happening to all of us. Now it is time to find ways of shinning this light and we can all step into a more empowered lifestyle. This was a very empowering message to me personally, and for me it was also an example of how the group uses their wake in a positive way with us.

Big hugs and have a great August!


Steve Rother

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home

August 2009

~ Shining Your Light ~

Candle from the Fire of God