VirtualLight #6 ~ Steve Rother Live Channel ~ June 30, 2012

From Steve:

Here the group gives us some clear options for the road ahead. We have options: we can be overwhelmed by the wave of energy now building or we can ride the crest of the wave to its new destination. Many will choose variations of the two they even remind us that one is not right and one is not wrong. They simply want us to have the knowledge to make an informed decision about our next reality. One point they made is that the journey will be easier for all if each of us owns our own mastery. We have promised to carry a special light from home and now is the time to remember to shine that light. Each of us have special talents and things we are naturally good at. Please remember that those are your charge to carry but also the most important gift that you promised to bring to the world when you took human form.

I will also mention here that we are beginnijng a new Channeling class soon that I am very excited about it is Spirit Comm2 The Direct Connection.

Im also very proud that this Beacons has a short message from Barbara. See Connecting the HEart below. She is on a long road to recovery but is doing well.

Walk in the Light and have a great month!

Have a great month!

Big hugs and gentle nudges.