VirtualLight #6 ~The Final Quadrant ~ Beacons of Light – Dec 2009

Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home December 2009

People have been asking the group about 2012 since we began this work. They have always said it would be an important date for humanity to cross, but essentially very little change will take place on that day. They said that most of what was to happen in 2012 had been pulled forward in the time line and is here today. Most of it we still do not know how to use but that is changing rapidly.

Now they say we have once again changed our path and our outcome of what was to be. The year 2010 brings in the final approach to the 2012 miracle. These next three years will set the energy for the next 1000 years. The group talked about the countdown and said each trigger point should be celebrated. This came through a channel mid January in 2001. The 010101 had already passed and I was wondering why they did not tell me earlier so we could celebrate that one. They said it was no problem as most people on Earth celebrated that day already. We had our first gathering on 020202 in Toronto, Canada. We will be celebrating the beginning of the final quadrant in Big Bear California on 101010. We are planning something very special. All I can say at this point to be ready to move. Watch for detail to follow soon, but where ever you are on that date celebrate. It really makes a difference.

Now when asked about 2012 they group responds differently. Even though they still say that very little will happen on that actual day, it will begin the overlayment of the new Hologram of Earth. And they didnt think we humans had it in us! Hang on here we go!

Have a wonderful holiday and a great end of 2009! See you next year.

Big hugs,