VirtualLight #6 ~The Little Gods~ Beacons of Light – Nov 2009

Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home November 2009

From Steve:

This message is one of the most profound and loving I have ever had the privilege to translate from the group. The message was very beautiful and covered many important points especially in the story they told about the little gods. There were so many levels in this message it would detract to focus only on one, yet this is where I try to tell you what this channel is about.

One of the interesting points was that they gave us a new way of looking at multidimensionality as an eleven sided coin laying flat on the table of life. One coin, or soul, having eleven simultaneous experiences, each unaware of the other, was a new approach to they way they have described multidimensionality.

This overview of life from the group was a really large picture that they wanted to tell in order to show a pattern that is changing in humanity. They said that the new vibrations are making us more aware and as we feel the old paradigm of polarity being pulled away, we overreact and go into extremes. The shifting pattern they wished to illustrate was that in a field of polarity we only learn from the extreme outside edges. Everything needs to be classified as black and white and black tries to reach new levels of black and white, new levels of white. Now is the time when we can start seeing the ways we are alike instead of the ways we are separate. The group said that with the move into Triality we would stop looking to the extreme outside edges for our reality. We would learn more from the overview than we will from any single point on a time line. This will lead us to empower those around us rather than to compete with them.

Big hugs and have a great month!