VirtualLight #6 ~ The Rhythm Method ~ July 30, 2011

From Steve

The energy was very high in the room today. Somehow everyone felt that it was going to be something special and the anticipation was high as I began the channel. There were several important points that they offered us in this message but the main focus is that we are changing our vibrational pattern. They liked it to the Earths vibrational pattern that changed twice in recent history as the rotation of the earth has changed due to first the Chilean earthquake and then the one in Japan. Like a spinning top throwing out a new vibration into the Universe around it as it creates a new reality.

Changing to a new vibrational pattern is also something that we all want to become aware of as it is also happening to each one of us at some point in the near future. Our own little worlds will each go through a rhythm pattern change. In this message the group says that our Circadian rhythm, which is our daily cycle that effects all the other cycles, is beginning to change. It’s more than just our sense of night and day as it reaches into our lives very deep. They reminded us of the triad of sleep where we will be sleeping for three hours waking for two and then sleep for three more. They also said that many of us will be having strange things happen in our sleep and that new possibilities will unfold as a result. They said the Pineal gland and recent changes to it are responsible for this shift.

Seems it’s all a question of balance.

Have a great Month!

Big hugs