VirtualLight- Beacons of Light # 6 August 2008

Barbara shares a message about “Who You Really Are.”

From Steve:

This message is one of the deeper messages from the group in some time. Here they returned us to the overview of humanity that they began last month, but this time they went deeper and gave us a more specifics of the process ahead for all of humanity. They wanted us to know that what many people are feeling and the strange things happening to many Lightworkers is placing us in the perfect spot to be in preparation for what is about to happen. Sacred Contracts are being activated on a large scale.

As I was speaking the words I felt as if this message was going to be a key note channel that we will refer to for many years. Recently I have noticed the word and concepts of “magnetism” being brought up in many of the channels. This usually means that they are preparing us for something big. Even though I have the group on my shoulder they doe not give me any special treatment as far as specifics. Only time will tell but here is what I think just happened: In this channel the group explained how we create our worlds and our realities with a magnetic field. They said we could not measure this field because we do not have a clear understanding of how humans interact with energy. They gave a very interesting explanation on how we interact with our world through subtle variations over a background vibration. Although they did not use this example, I understood it to be like a powerful carrier wave on which many smaller signals can be carried.

The point I want to make is that I knew as I was speaking the words that this concept of perception being only in the Variations in Light was a concept we will all get to understand as humanity begins to awaken from this dream. I have often spoken of my process of channeling as receiving these packages that I have to unpack and translate. Well, let’s just say that I was aware that a very big package was just dropped in my lap that may take me some time to unravel. I’m looking forward to it!

Have a great month all!

Big hugs

Steve Rother

The Beacons of Light message for August is:

“Activating Sacred Contracts”


New Infrastructures of Light