VirtualLight- Beacons of Light # 6 July 2008

Barbara shares a message about the person you really are.

From Steve:

/>This message was a recap of what is directly ahead. They said that moving our experiences from the time line is the next step in evolution. The began with “Dear Creators” and went on to say that a Sexual Energy activation is ahead. This is different from the Infusion of which they spoke recently. The said that Sexual Energy is what happens when the soul is firmly connected to the body. That lets more light through your body and it is felt as sexual energy. In this message they told for the first time their knowledge as to when the soul actually enters the body and how the body is allowing the brain to grow back together rather than to be separated into the two lobes. They group says the veil exists between the two lobes of your brain and the rewire is closing that gap. That, according to the group, is also closing the gap between Heaven and Earth.

Big hugs

Steve Rother

The Beacons of Light message for July is:

“Transition Into Passion”


What’s Ahead for Lightworkers.