VirtualLight- Beacons of Light # 6 September 2008

Barbara shares a message about being torn between two worlds and her message of “Time”.

The Beacons of Light for September 2008 is:

“Deep Contact”

Activating the Clan of Beauty

From Steve:

Barbara and I are very fortunate to have many very beautiful people in our lives. Funny thing is that most the really beautiful people have no idea that they are beautiful. I have worked with many in seminars and private sessions where I help them see the patterns they have formed, many times subconsciously, to hide their own beauty due to the unwanted attention it often draws. Is it safe to let all of our own real beauty be openly seen now? The group says not only is it possible, but it will become important for us to be on purpose, especially those who came from the Clan of Beauty. Yes it is safe, and there are safe spaces where you can shine all of your light and share all of your beauty. There are even safe places where you can enjoy healthy sexual energy without fear. Finding and creating those safe spaces will become very important as humanity takes this next quantum leap in the road directly ahead. It will begin to activate the Sacred Contracts of those from the Clan of Beauty.

The second topic of message was about a new level of communication that was now possible to achieve for all of us. They called it “Deep Contact” and although it is based on verbal and sensory communication, it is a very deep level of trust and understanding of another human. They likened this level of communication to the achievement of “Timeless Love” which they say can now be achieved with many people in your daily life. They say that people who achieve Deep Contact are so much in love that they do not “need” each other.

When there are no restrictions to your own energy field you are free to let another person all the way inside your heart. That is the most intimate two souls can get in physical form. Particularly for those from the Clan of Beauty, this has been very difficult in the past. To achieve Deep Contact there must be no fear or restrictive energy. Even the fear of judgment or the fear of what others think of you can block the attainment of Deep Contact. All of your energy must be focused outwardly to fearlessly shine your own light (beauty) so that you may see an accurate reflection of yourself in the soul of your partner. It is now possible on much deeper levels than ever before. They say it is a level of deep communication we can attain with many people in our lives, not just lovers. From the groups perspective it means letting select other people openly see all of your soul and all of your beauty. Are you ready for Deep Contact?

Special NOTE about this broadcast: This was the first broadcast that we used the new 16:9 wide screen format for our broadcast. There were many more difficulties with the change over than we expected. One of them was with camera one, the camera used mostly for Barbara and Janelle. At the very beginning of the show this camera quietly slipped back into an old setting of 4:3 rather than 16:9. During the entire show both Barbara and Janelle appear much wider than they really are. For me personally, this was the end of life as we know it on planet Earth. Thank you for understanding.

Have a great month Lightworkers!

Big hugs

Steve Rother