VirtualLight PREDICTIONS #1 with Steve and Barbara Rother ~ Jan 2010

Steve & Barbara welcome you back into the family room.

Steve explains that this entire broadcast will be dedicated to predictions from the year 2010 and beyond. We will take call-ins on the phone and people in the audience.

Steve and Barbara talk about returning from Russia and the wonderful events that took place in Moscow. We had over 400 people for our open evening even with the unexpected snow that blanketed the city.

Steve and Barbara talked about the business seminar that they did while in Moscow. How it was different, yet, the same.

Steve also mentioned the Lightworker associations forming all over the globe.

Steve reviewed last months channel: The Final Quadrant. In this channel the group gave their version of the events that will lead to the year 2012. They talked about the overlayment of the Hologram of the third earth that is now scheduled for 2012.