VirtualLight – Welcome Home # 1 July 2008

Steve and Barbara Rother welcome the family back. Steve does a brief intro into this work for new people.

Steve tells the story of the sign from “god” on the road sign he saw on the way to the broadcast this morning.

They talked about the recent Kryon Re-union held in Sedona, Arizona. Steve did more than 250 “2 minute readings” during that event. The re-union was with Lee Carroll with Kryon, Geoff Hoppe with Tobias, Ronna Herman with Big Mike, Pepper Lewis with Gaia and Steve Rother with the group. It was a great family reunion with about 750 in the celebration.

Steve talked about the Ordination program offered through Lightworker. Also brief updates on Lightworker events globally.

Steve also discussed last month’s message. “Time Critical Missions”. This channel brought in more comments than any other channel thus far.

Danielle Garcia shared only two of the hundreds of the comments that she shared from the “What People are Saying” section on the last message.

Steve shared a revealing story about a girl who touched his heart in Sedona during a 2 minute reading.