VirtualLight#4 Steve & Barbara Rother, Shards of Light from Pepper March 2011

– Pepper Lewis via Skype showed us snow and introduced guests for the Shards of Light segment.

– Upheaval in world today—positive and negative coming together.

– True change is not through shouting or violence. When it comes, it is quiet, almost invisible.

– Brought back Deb Delisi helps people create their own symbols in life that bring change.

– Deb started as a graphic designer and eventually added more purposeful, spiritual symbols.

– She draws symbols that she gets through meditation.

– The word she got for the guests of the show is “abundance” and gave us an abundance symbol.

– E-mail for a .pdf of the symbol and an explanation of the geometry involved.

– Pepper put a message on Steve’s Facebook indicating that she has a secret for the 11-11-11 event and will reveal it at the event.

– Several 2 minute segments with Steve, Barbara, and Pepper on the webpage to introduce and lead up to 11-11-11 event.

– Pepper’s next guest is Richard Earnest who what is involved in serving a community.

– Richard offers options to limit our dependence on fossil fuels.

– Richard started a company called, Green Incorporated that gets the technology into the marketplace more quickly so that people can use it more quickly.