Walgreens pharmacy reversed the trend


I was so happy today to find that Walgreens pharmacy has reversed its decision to move its headquarters to Switzerland.  This was actually an alarming trend that is taking place in corporate america to move to other countries to avoid taxation here in the US.  If I understand it correctly. Walgreens, a home grown US drug store chain, is about to buy a large European chain of similar nature.  They were making a decision to move headquarter to Switzerland as the tax rates would be much lower there.  This was brought to the attention of many on John Oliver’s HBO series “This Week with John Oliver”.  After making its money in the US and receiving funding programs from the US government it decided to do this….. until it became public. It seems that not only did they get numerous complaints but Walgreens stock dropped like a rock.  That is public opinion at its best.  That is the collective of humanity making decisions.  All we needed is the information.  Barbara and I are particularly thankful as we were going to have to change pharmacies if this happened and we did not like our options.  Well done everyone and well done John Oliver. … You are one of my heroes.