What Debate?

The Republican debate last night seemed to have more losers than winners. I’m not even talking about the people in the debate. Last night the biggest loser was Fox news. Barbara and I searched for hours to see how we could watch the debate. All signs said to go to Fox News which was only showing local news at the time. Turns out they were broadcasting it on some remote channel 200 on our Direct TV. No problem I’ll just go to the internet as they are also streaming it.

Now, as a person who has had a fair share of technical issues, here is the part that makes me feel really good. Fox news had 4 streams going out last night through four different streaming carriers, three of which I use. They were only able to get one of them working and all the rest of them crashed. The one that was working was YouTube. (Here is the really good part) Some of you may remember that we do not use YouTube because of their absurd handling of digital rights. Last night, during the debate the long hand of “copyright” reached out in the form of YouTube’s software and cut off the stream as soon as they went to the first commercial and YouTube heard copyrighted music. They never got the stream back on.

Never heard the debate….. but who cares? That was worth it!