What just happened to my BigMac?

Human evolution is much like earthquakes on Earth.  The tension builds up until it reaches critical mass and then you see big movement. Over the years and especially since the 60’s a natural health movement has been building and today is peaking as stores such as Whole Foods are becoming the norm. All of the fast food giants have seen this coming and are frantically trying to carve out a corner of the organic fast food market.

A couple of weeks ago the World Health Organization released a report that placed hot dogs, sausages, lunch meats, hamburger and all processed meats in the same Cancer Causing category as Cigarettes and Asbestos.     Feel the earthquake yet?

Two week later we are hearing nothing about it as all the news people brought in experts that calmed everyone down, saying things like “Everything is fine in moderation”  Ever breathe in asbestos in moderation?  The meat industry is no doubt doing their own studies to discredit the findings of the WHO and I’ll bet every lobbyist in Washington is positioning for this one.  Hang in there, here we go.

In the meantime the EarthQuake has stopped but there is a new line in the sand.  We now see from a higher perspective.  Ready . .  Set  . .  Evolve.   I can’t say it has been easy moving away from meat, but it is also not the same when I do eat it.  

In the recent Predictions Comments and Questions for Dec the group said that this will help humanity on many levels:

Firstly, it will increase health in evolving humans and on Earth.

Secondly it will save a lot of water on the planet.  Current figures stand at 1800 gallons of water per pound of beef.

Thirdly and very important to the group is the methane gas released in the atmosphere from the raising of beef.  The group said it was a much bigger problem than we knew and is actually causing trouble with our ionosphere.

Alright. .  Well I guess so . . said the little boy dragging his Ronald McDonald figurine in the dirt.  Can’t wait to see what they come up for in the next happy meal.
Enjoy the Evolution