Your Home Video Studio-Access All

This training is composed of 4 segments click on each to access the video. It is NOT necessary to take these in any order. will be closing December 31, 2019. Your viewing access will expire at that time.

1. Set and Camera Setup 8 min
Important considerations when choosing where and how to set up for a recording or skype interview. Required for guests of the VirtualLight Broadcast and for Lightmaster presentations.

2. Powerpoint presentations 13 min
How to get the most out of a powerpoint presentation for video presentation. Required for those preparing a Lightmaster Passion Day presentation that includes a Powerpoint presentation.

3. Interview Techniques 1 hr 7 min
Taken from a Lightmaster Passion Day presentation Joe Rumbolo tells us about what it takes to be and to interview a great guest for your show along with practical tips for radio show announcers including how to start your own show. Also Danielle Loffreda shares with us a presentation on the Six Keys for Successful Media Interviews.

4. Behind the Scenes at the Evolution Center. 1 hr 46 min
A behind the scenes look a what it takes to produce the teaching platform known as the Evolution Center. What we use what ideas to help get you started. Taken from a Lightmaster Integration meeting on Passion Day.

Presented online in the Evolution Center