Your Home Video Studio-Access All

This training is composed of 4 segments click on each to access the video. It is NOT necessary to take these in any order.

1. Set and Camera Setup 8 min
Important considerations when choosing where and how to set up for a recording or skype interview. Required for guests of the VirtualLight Broadcast and for Lightmaster presentations.

2. Powerpoint presentations 13 min
How to get the most out of a powerpoint presentation for video presentation. Required for those preparing a Lightmaster Passion Day presentation that includes a Powerpoint presentation.

3. Interview Techniques 1 hr 7 min
Taken from a Lightmaster Passion Day presentation Joe Rumbolo tells us about what it takes to be and to interview a great guest for your show along with practical tips for radio show announcers including how to start your own show. Also Danielle Loffreda shares with us a presentation on the Six Keys for Successful Media Interviews.

4. Behind the Scenes at the Evolution Center. 1 hr 46 min
A behind the scenes look a what it takes to produce the teaching platform known as the Evolution Center. What we use what ideas to help get you started. Taken from a Lightmaster Integration meeting on Passion Day.

Presented online in the Evolution Center